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Do you hold a vision of where you are headed?  Are you a creative artist, entrepreneur, or startup with a desire to build a real business in the entertainment industries? 

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Modern Legal Representation for Musicians and Artists

My guiding principle in the practice of law is: Your Success is my Passion.   At every turn, I look to break the mold of traditional legal representation and intensely focus on bringing each client value for the faith they show in me.   

Picking a lawyer is a serious decision, and I take your decision to consider me seriously in return.

I do not stop there, I only want to work with driven clients who inspire me. Ones who I feel I can help and can build lasting relationships with. This is one of the key elements of success in my view.

Check out the information below, from my bio, to my experience, to the services I offer.

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“I have never had an experience with an entertainment attorney like Zeb and I don’t trust anyone the way I trust him. I could not recommend working with him more”

Drew B. – Multimedia Company Founder
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