Our firm works with a variety of entertainment clients.

While we work with clients predominantly from the music industry, our firm also works with entities in the technology, publishing, manufacturing, film and licensing industries.

Working with small businesses on a rapid growth trajectory is the firm’s particular sphere of concentration within legal and business development services.

We are available to clients via a variety of payment methods including on an hourly per consultation basis.

Additionally, our team is available to work on formation and other routine filings for a flat fee depending on the transaction.

Additionally, Mr. Chandler is available to work on some limited matters on a retainer or contingency fee.

As a lawyer’s time is his stock in trade we offer an initial 1 hour consultation, which is designed to be informative and affordable.  This initial consultation should establish a basis for the client moving forward.  Whether that be one of the representation agreement types described above or advice on other next steps for the client.

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