Performing, Branding, and Getting Paid

Artists in the music business almost always need a basis in live performances and interactions with fans.  The hand-to-hand business of touring, public relations, and promotion are a key part of any artist’s exposure and income.

Artists may be offered shows or appearances, but are the fees significant enough to justify the travel, lodging, and other costs?  How can an artist profit further from shows and live appearances, as well as strategically grow their fan base with each performance.

Our team can help you develop a live performance strategy that gets you paid and grows your business.  The contracts that artists sign need to be a win-win for the artist and promoter so that both parties can gain from the transaction, and will want to do business together again.

To discuss a performance contract or appearance deal, contact us.  Our experience in writing, negotiating, and executing good performance contracts makes it worth your time and expense to investigate the in’s and out’s of each deal before signing a contract.