Creativity Productivity & Business Efficency

In the entertainment business the product artists and companies are selling is often ephemeral.  Music, an album, a show, tickets, a style, or merchandise might all be part of what an artist or company is selling.

Accordingly, much of the time and energy of an artist or company in the entertainment space is needed in creating new content.

This means that for an artist to succeed they must not only sacrifice many other things in their quest for making better and better music or creative content, but importantly, they must also learn how to work more efficiently and effectively if they wish to grow rapidly.

One way for artists to improve effectiveness is to continually study their work flow and look for room for improvement.  This may be recording, writing, or editing for a musician, or proofing, sourcing, or research for a writer.

Continually improving one’s processes is a key to acceleration.

And the creative process is  only half of success!  What about the other half?

The business side of the entertainment industry.

Importantly, on the business side of entertainment, the selling, distribution, partnering, pricing, and marketing all must be continuously improved, evaluated, and adapted to the artist, fans, and market.

Attorney Zeb Chandler is an adviser with experience in helping clients improve efficiency in both sides of the business.   Many successful artists and entertainers will state that having a counselor for the business side of music and entertainment is very important.

We are here to provide valuable advice and strategy to our clients on both the creative and the business side of the entertainment industry.

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